1 Engine conversions
1.1 Can I bring my car in your workshop to have a bigger engine fitted?

No, unfortunally we do not have spare time left for these time consuming work. Engine conversions are still being made here in our workshop, but only on our own cars. We do this to develop the conversion parts you can buy in our webshop, and to make sure we have the knowledge to answer all your technical questions regarding the DIY fitment of all our parts.

2 Shop opening times
2.1 Can I pick up my order at your workshop?

Yes, but please make an appointment first. We have no regular opening times.

3 Shipments
3.1 How much is shipping to my country?

Our website does make a calculation on it's own for this.

Please choose the desired products from our webshop, and put it in the shopping basket.

You can now go to the "check out" section on our website. You can choose your country here, and see the shipping costs. No worries for orders you don't want. We only accept an order when your payment has been made. Unpayed orders will be declined automaticly within 2 weeks.

No strings attached.

3.2 Do I receive a track & trace code when ordering parts in your webshop?

Yes, we send each customer a track & trace code to trace the package. This code will be send to your email adres on the same day the parcel has been shipped.